10 Pairs XT30 XT60 XT90 Male Female Bullet Connector Plug for Lipo Battery DF

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- Used in RC battery and motor.
- Ergonomically designed, easy to un-solder and reuse.
- 180 Degree opening rear wire arranged outward.
- Closely connected without leaving gaps, sealing well.
- Ensures high-amp connection.
- Low resistance for high current capacity.
- Difficult to burn, leave off automatically after the fire.
- Type: XT90 Connectors Plugs
- Life: 2000 times
- Material of connector: 2U thickness Gold hplated copper
- Metal Connector Size: 4.5mm
- Resistance: 0.8mω
- Max. Rc/mc: 80a/120a
- Temperature resistant: -30°C ~ 240°C
- Recommend cable spec: 12awg
- Recommend soldering spec: 480°c/4s
- Colour: Gold

- Type: XT60 Connectors Plugs
- Life: 1000 times
- Body Material: Copper
- Resistance: 0.8mω
- Max. Rc/mc: 60a/100a
- Temperature resistance: -20°c~120°c
- Recommend cable spec: 12awg
- Recommend soldering spec: 480°c/4s
- Amps: 30A Continuous
- Weight: 0.7g male, 0.9g female, 1.7g as a set
- Size: Male=12x11x6mm Female=13x11x6mm
- Contact current transfer size: 2x6mm

Package Include:
10 Pair (20pcs) of XT 30/60/90 Connectors