Baseus 65W Car Quick Charge PD QC4.0 USB Type C Cigarette Lighter Adapter 12-24V

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Metal Material: All metal machined exterior with a high end feel.
Translucent Design: Get a outside-in look at high precision engineering with a futuristic feel.
65W High Power: 65w out put, one step faster for charging.
USB+Type-c Dual Output: Supports PD and QC fast charging simultaneously.
Intellegent digital display of monitor battery valtage: Dynamic monitoring of battery voltage, real time viewing of car health status, safer driving.
65w Charger + 100w Cable
Material: Aluiminum&ABS
Colour: Black
Input: 12-24v
USB Output: 4.5V=5A 5V=4.5A 5V=3A 12V=2.5A 20V=1.5A MAX
Type-c Output: 5V=3A 9V=3A 12V=3A 15V=3A  20V=3.25A MAX
Total Output: 18w+45w
Size: 34x68mm
Cable Length: 1m
Cable Material:TPE
65W Car Charger+100W Type-c Cable