Mini Automatic Compression Air Pump Portable USB Sealer + 10 Reusable Vacuum Bag

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  • Keep the food 5X Fresher: You no longer need to throw your food into the trash as this vacuum sealer makes food prep, storage, and preservation a breeze. 
    Its vacuum seal keeps your dishes, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc fresh and healthy for up to five times longer, ensuring that you get a nutritious meal and enjoy the perfect taste, always. The pump lets you prepare your meal kits in advance, buy groceries in bulk, marinate the food or prep for BBQ or sous-vide cooking, etc
  • Perfect airtight seal with a One-touch: Vacuum sealer is an easier and faster alternative to store your daily essential in minimum space as it is completely automatic and user-friendly.
    Simply place your food, groceries or anything you’d like to store in the uniquely designed ziplock bags and seal it. Then, place the pump onto the airlock and press the button and Sealerie™ will effortlessly pump out the air, leaving an airtight seal in seconds. It's as easy as that!
  • The Ultimate Storage Solution: If you are also tired of squeezing your clothes, heavy/bulky items or daily essentials, every time you pack your luggage or organize the cabinets and drawers then vacuum sealer could be the perfect solution for you. It helps you keep everything organized while maximizing the space for storage.
  • Sleek Design; premium Quality Material: It is innovatively designed for your convenience as it is cordless, USB Rechargeable, lightweight and made of high-grade ABS and plastic materials. It featured an LED indicator for charging and also comes with reusable food grade vacuum bags for easy storage.
  • Perfect for
    • Freezing meals, fruits, vegetables and more
    • Strong pre-made meals or side dishes
    • For marinating or brining food items


  • Material: ABS
  • Sealer Color: White+Blue
  • Size: 85 x 52 mm
  • Charging: USB Rechargeable
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours
  • Using time: Approx/ 3 hours
  • Size of Small Vacuum Bags: 21*22cm
  • Size of Large Vacuum Bags: 26*34cm


  • 1x USB Vacuum Sealer (including a USB charging cable)
  • 8x Small Bags
  • 2x Large Bags
  • 1x Bag Slide Clip
  • 1x User Manual