Weather Proof Car Cover Universal Size Waterproof Rain/UV/Dust Resistant L

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Item Type: Car Cover
Size: 440x 180 x 160 cm
Colour: silver
Material: Nylon, PVC
Special Features: dust-proof, sun-proof, heat separation, anti-scratch
Suitable car model: universal

Light-resistant & Scratch Resistant.
Effectively prevent dust from entering the vehicle and keep the interior and exterior of the vehicle clean and tidy.
Can protect the surface of the car from sharp objects by external force.
High-flexibility materials do not cause frictional damage to the car's paint due to the movement of the garment.
Protection dirt, dust, bird drops and heat/cold.
New material PVC: mildew-proof & indestructible.
The highest temperature be bear +90℃.
Convenient & easy to take along.
Made breathable to allow trapped heat and moisture to escape from beneath the car cover.
UV resistant fabric protects your vehicle paint from damaging UV rays & pollutants.
Elasticized bottom tight around the base of your vehicle.
The Car Cover has mirror pockets.
Storage Bag Included for When Not Protecting Your Vehicle.
Easy to wash and collect.

Package Included
1 x Large Size L Full Car Cover