60"-65" Inch Waterproof TV Cover Protector Black

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Function: Block dust
Type: Keeps out dust
Feature: 3 layer protection,dustproof,waterproof,weatherproof,Breathable
Size:30-65 Inch
Material: Oxford Cloth
- Made of unique material, dustproof,waterproof.
- Perfect for providing great protection for your TV whether on a patio, an outdoor deck or by the pool.
- 3 layers of weatherproof protection
- Zips all around the cover to completely cover your TV
- Engineered to withstand the harsh conditions from the tropical north down to the cooler south, you can rest easy knowing your TV is protected all year round against dust, insects, UV Rays, ice and condensation with a television cover.
-TV cover will not scratch your TV and will help you protect TV's or monitor's display.
For 60-65 inch TV 58x37x5cm
Package Included:
1 x TV Cover