Home Office Lap Desk for 15.6" Laptop - Silver Carbon - Portable Cushion Desk

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Step away from the traditional desk and get work doen anywhere with this LapGear® Home Office Lap Desk. The built-in carry handle offers easy portability, and the dual-bolster leg cushion keeps you comfortable while working. This LapGear® Home Office Lap Desk includes a device ledge to secure your 15-Inch laptop in place and has a smooth surface that helps devices ventilate and stay cool. With the built-in mouse pad and phone slot, this Home Office Lap Desk is designed to make work feel effortless.


Fits up to 15-inch laptops

21.1" x 12" surface provides a stable workspace.

Lap cushion

Conforms to your lap for comfort and stability.

Phone holder

Holds your phone upright for viewing while you use the workspace.

Neoprene mouse pad

Creates a stylish look and provides durability.

Low-profile ledge

Prevents your laptop from sliding.