Mini Flexible Clip-on Bright Book Light LED Travel Book Reading Lamp

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This Clip-on Book Light is perfect for keeping handy so you can read comfortably in low-light environments. It has a bright enough light output that you'll be able to see what you're reading, but not so bright that it'll bother those around you. 
The clip design makes it easy to use this light by simply clipping it onto the cover of your book. 
Most suitable light color for eye-care reading. No flicker, no shadow, no dizzy light, won't hurt kids' eyes also provides a quiet and bright atmosphere for reading. 
Convenient to use. Allowing you to position and focus light exactly where you want it.
Perfect for the book (night-time reading), shelves, cupboards, computers, laptops, desktops, pianos, music stands and etc.
Package Includes:
1x LED Clip-On Reading Light (includes 2x CR1220 batteries)