Classic 100 in 1 Games Board Game Night Family Fun Kids Party All Super Pack

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As technology becomes more and more central in our lives, board games offer an effective way to put down our devices and truly enjoy some quality fun with friends and family.
Board games help us compete in good spirits with our loved ones and build connections whilst having a great time.
Make family board game nights a regular event with this amazing set of 100 classic board games that includes favourites like checkers, chess, backgammon, ludo (Pachisi), solitaire, nine-men Morris, racing game, goose game, Chinese checkers, and MANY more.
You will never be short of ideas for entertainment again!
The set comprises 5 double-sided playing game boards along with all the pawns, dices and pieces for each individual game.
Recommended age: 6+.
Number of players: 2-8 depending on the game.
Great gift idea for families and people who love having fun!
Package Included:
1x 100-in-1 Board Game Set