MOBI Hitch Pin Lock S Type 5/8" Tow Bar Tongue Lock Trailer Caravan Anti-Theft

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A trailer can be one of the greatest assets that many people invest on, but everything can be stolen and that also applies to your trailer, too. Fortunately, our hitch lock is here to offer you a simple and reliable way to secure your trailer! Designed as an universal fitment, this hitch lock, which measures (6.7") 17mm in diameter, is designed to fit 2"and 2.5" receivers, and 2 locking holes and hitch pin clips are included to give your receiver a snug fit. This lock also provides added security through its tubular lock mechanism to prevent picking and prying! Constructed using heavy-duty steel, this hitch lock is built to handle any drilling or hammer blows with ease, and the rugged PVC coating not only serves as an extra layer of protection to keep rust, scratch and corrosion at bay, but also acts as an additional deterrent against potential theft. And the snap-on rubber cover offers weather and element resistance for the key slot! Be sure not to miss this device!
  • Universal Compatibility: This hitch lock, whose diameter is 17mm (6.7"), is designed to fit 2"and 2.5"hitch receivers.
  • Snug-Fit: This hitch lock has been designed with 2 holes with hitch pin clips to reduce shaking during towing, and give your receiver a snug fit.
  • Safe & Secure: Made of heavy-duty steel, this hitch lock is sturdy enough to resist drilling or even hammer blows, making it ideal to effectively deter theft.
  • Weather Resistant: PVC painted to resist rust, corrosion, moisture, heat and scratch, this hitch lock is designed to withstand the toughest conditions possible.
  • Anti-Theft Construction: This hitch lock integrates tubular lock mechanism which can effectively prevent any picking and prying.
  • Optimized Design: The rubber cover protects the lock against water, moisture, dust and rust, and the rubber grip prevents scratching with your vehicle’s paint.
  • Ease of Use: This hitch lock is designed for fast and effective use, no drilling or mounting is required, just slide it in the pin, lock it, and you are all set.Peace of Mind: This lock is easy to use, and keep things secure, it also comes with a spare key and a spare hitch pin clip to ensure the absent minded are covered.
  • Material:High tensile chromed steel
  • Keys:2 keys supply
  • Fitment: 2"and 2.5" receivers with diameter of no less than 17mm
  • Total Length: 18.7cm
  • Gross Weight:0.44kg
  • Package Size:25cm x 18.5cm x 3cm
  • 1 x Hitch lock
  • 2 x Tubular Keys
  • 2 x Hitch Pin Clips