Automatic Bath Wall Mounted Dispenser Toothbrush Stand Toothpaste

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  • It's time to change your bad habits, Non-contact operation and free hand squeeze to get toothpaste, compared with the other, this toothpaste dispenser to get more accurate and stable toothpaste, adults and children are very suitable to use. Allows your kids the ability to dispense the toothpaste themselves, without making a mess.
  • The connection is set with a magnet, you can easily remove the lid to replace the toothpaste and clean-up, when the cover is installed, will not automatically fall.
  • Our toothpaste dispensers are made from the highest quality ABS plastic and wheat straw material, which is both reliable and durable, you can safely use.
  • automatic toothpaste dispenser adopts vacuum technology. (Not electric) , pump out last drop of toothpaste and avoid direct touch, Stay economical and hygienic.
  • The fitting size of toothpaste tube is about 0.45in. The toothpaste with fine tube nozzle is available. Before purchase, please see the picture for reference , Hard to clean the pump ,proposal just clean with a warm rag and you’re as good as new! It needs to be pressed several times for the first use before it can be pressed out.
Material: PP/Wheat Straw Material
Adhesion: with enhanced stickers
Toothpaste dispenser body fit: magnet adsorption
Size:2.4 × 2.8 × 4.5 inch
Colour: Grey
1 Toothpaste Dispenser