Tile Leveling System Clips Levelling Spacer Tiling Tool Floor Wall 50pcs + 2 Wrenches

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Material:PP + Stainless Steel
Suitable Spacer:2~8mm
Suitable for Tile thickness:5~20mm


50 Pcs tile ceramic positioning T shape leveler system paving tile correction equalizer.
Designed to keep the tile balance on the same horizontal position.
Great for preventing tiles from moving while curing.
Perfect for making tile laying speed faster and improving working efficiency.
Wear-resistance,reusable and durable to use.

Using Tips

Paving the first tile, leave more than 2mm (use with cross spacer). Close to the tiles.
Insert T-shaped needle along the gap in the tile.
Then 180 degree rotation,T-shaped needle stuck at the bottom of the two tiles.
Adjust the caps with your hand/special wrench until the two tiles are on the same level.
About 5-6 hours after leveling, Before cement/adhesive is completely dry, rotate caps in the reverse direction, remove 180° T-needle until the word, take out.

Package Includes

50 Tile Positioning Leveler + 2Pcs Black Wrench