2pcs MOSQUITO HAT NET Head Protector Bee Bug Mesh Insect Fishing Wide Brim Cap

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  • Keep Flies Away. 20 tiny hole per square centimetre, falls 17 inch/44cm, with adjustable hood, mosquito head net hat does great job of blocking flies, help you win against mosquitoes.
  • Block The Sun. wide brim perfectly cover head, leaves enough shadow to protect your ear nose mouth jaw neck from getting sunburnt at any degree. Good alternative for basic bucket hat.
  • Allow rolling up or removing net anytime, support good vision for large head 56cm-58cm ,. Or you need adjust hat while looking up for small head.
  • Work fantastic for mowing lawn, yard work, repair work in wetland, outdoor finishing, dog walking in forest parks, hiking hunting trail, camping trip, canoe trip, photography trip.
Material: Polyester
Suitable for head diameters: 56-58cm
1x Sun Protection Hat
1x Head Mesh Net