Stainless Steel Handheld Douche Bidet Toilet Spray Shower Shattaf Diverter

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Made of 304 stainless steel, the surface is finely brushed, anti-corrosion, anti-dirty and rust-free

Concentrated drainage, saving water

Thickened and extended handles allow you to use longer and more comfortable water

Brass diverter switch for attaching to Standard 1/2" shut off valve any 1/2" outlet pipe. Includes stainless steel hand spray head, stainless steel hose, wall holder, diverter valve and fitting screws

Removable and washable device: The water outlet can be removed and washed, it can be easily removed, it is easy to clean, often clean, and can prolong the service life.



Type: Bidet Sprayer Kit

Color: Silver , Black

Material:    T-valve: Brass    

Sprayer: 304 Stainless steel

Hose Length: 1.5 Meter

T-Valve: 1/2" Outlet

Usage: Bidet, Rinsing, Cleaning, Diaper Sprayer, Washing.


Clean floor--You can use the hand spray set to clean the dirty matters of floor. No need to take water bucket to clean.

The water volume of rinsing spray is less 90% than water bucket. Moreover, the rinsing spray can clean the conner as the stronger spray.

Bath pet--Use the hand spray to bath the pets. No need to prepare washtub. Saving water and saving space!

Clean nightstool--Strong water spray, Small outlet corner, Small water flow. So easier to clean nightstool, water saving.

Water plants--It's convenient to water plants when you fix a risning spray on the veranda.

Clean Home Appliances--Use rinsing spray to clean your own car, home appliances, etc. It's very convenient.