Stainless Steel Dish Rack Drying Drainer Over Sink Rack Roll Up Foldable Kitchen

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  • Perfect for rinsing and drying fresh fruit and vegetables or as a draining rack for pots, pans, dishes & cutlery.
  • Roll it out and place it over your sink to use it as a drying rack.
  • Water drips straight into the sink.
  • Easy to clean, eco-friendly, dishwasher safe.
  • Easily rolls up for efficient storage.
  • Size: 28x47cm/38x47cm
The Stainless Steel rods of the roll up drying rack are efficient conductors of heat, so please use extreme care when handling your rack after removing hot items. Please let the rack cool down before touching it with bare hands.
  • 1X Stainless Steel Roll Up Rack Over