Camera Detector GPS Tracker Detector Wireless Signal Scanner For Home Office

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The detection speed is fast, and the uploaded data packets of the locator can be detected no matter how fast. Higher sensitivity, wider detection range, and precise detection of wireless device signal sources.
It can detect WIFI signals, mobile phone signals, and adjust the sensitivity of the signal. The sensitivity can be adjusted based on the router. The signal is strong and full when approaching the router, and decreases and weakens when leaving the signal grid
The detection distance can reach 10 meters, making it easy to identify corners and high places
Lightweight and portable, it can protect your privacy and security while on business trips

Product size (excluding antenna): 11.2cm * 2.85cm * 1.6cm
Power input: Tpye-C interface
Sensitivity: 6-level adjustable
Electricity duration: 2-3 hours
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Product weight:~36g
Frequency range: 100MHz~2.7G
Signal detection range: 10cm-10m
Continuous working hours: 10 hours

Packaging includes
1 *Signal Detector