Unipod Selfie Stick Handheld Tripod Bluetooth For Samsung

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- You can always open the handle as a three-legged, self-timer can be remote remote control self-timer.
- The tripod can be put away as a hand-held self-timer, no need to disassemble extremely convenient.
- Compact and charming, foldable, easy to carry, go out without worry.
- Seven-stage stretch, give you enough self-timer distance. 
- High-quality silicone pad, with a concave package design, non-slip, the use of security.
- Human handle design, close the open dual-use, to meet your more needs.
- Simple button design, horizontal vertical shot, a key to get.
- Bluetooth connection, super compatible, for a variety of models, Apple (IOS5.0 above), Samsung, Sony (Android3.0 above system), millet (m 1, m 2, m 3, m 4), Huawei and other mobile phones model.


- Material: plastic + stainless steel
- Length: Approx. 75cm/29.5"
- Storage length: Approx. 19cm/7.48"
- Bluetooth version: 3.0
- Effective receiving distance: 10m
- With a tripod in one of the Bluetooth remote control self-timer.

- 1x Selfie Stick
- 1x Bluetooth selfie-timer