Easy Use Fast Chemical Woodburning Pen Painting For DIY Project

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1. Wood-burning made easy: This marker has a fine tip, easy to create precise and intricate designs that would be difficult

with a conventional tool for burning wood.

2. Easy to Use: Create a perfect wood burning pattern in just three steps. Sand to at least 220 grit and clean the surface

and several times to saturate the nib by pressing on a paper tower; Draw your favorite pattern;

Heat with a heat tool until the desired effect is achieved.

3. Safe and Fast: Pyrography marker pen uses a safe pen shape, the ink formula is safe and non-toxic, it is very convenient to use,

and you don't have to worry about it being hot like a soldering iron burning tool.

4. Perfect Substitute: Wood burned marker pen instead of the wood burning soldering iron tool. Its quick and easy to cover large areas,

the effect that it creates on wood is almost like a charcoal drawing on paper.

5. Great for DIY projects: Apply the pen for all of your fun at-home projects, use them to make coasters as a wedding gift,

to burn an artistic design into a cutting board, also wonderful for your home Christmas decoration.

How It Works

1. Prep Your Surface - Sand To At Least 220 Grit;

2. Sahke Your Marker - And Saturate The Nib By Pressing On a Paper Tower;

3. Apply Your Design - Draw Your Favorite Pattern;

4. Heat In Excess Of 375- Heat With a Heat Tool Until The Desired Effect Is Achieved;

5. Keep Heat Source Moving;

6. Apply Finish To Seal And Protect.



Package Included:

 1PC Pen Marker

The shape of the pen tip may vary depending on the batch.