Magnet 34-120Kg Salvage Recovery Neodymium Strong Hook Fishing Treasure Hunting

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Multi-Use for Retrieving Magnet: Design for heavy-duty and underwater application, ideal for fishing, lifting or recovering lost ferrous objects underwater, for example, water pump, ferrous tools, breakage of heavy metal objects, ancient objects. Also hanging, fixing application and hobby worldwide

Good Corrosion-resistance Magnet for Fishing: Ni+Cu+Ni Tripler Layer good corrosion-resistance coating, used both in fresh water and in marine. Steel shell can avoid the naked magnet from scratching and chipping. Loss of magnetic properties no more than 2% within 10 years



- Material: NdFeB Magnets 

- Pulling Force : 34kg/ 68kg/ 120kg

- Colour: silver



- The forces have been determined at room temperature on a plate in polished steel (Q235B) with a thickness of 10 mm (80mm/min). It is possible that the force is different from the force you tested because of the different environments and materials. Please don't worry, it is a normal phenomenon. Any questions, please contact our customer service team. 

- A maximum deviation of -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases. Value is exceeded in general.

- Depending on the type of application (installation situation, temperatures, counter anchor, etc.) the forces can be influenced enormously.

- The indicated values are serving as an orientation. Please get advice and help from our experts.


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1X Strong Salvage Magnet