4x Face Mask Adjustable Ear Hook Strap Extension Ear Saver Fixing Clip Buckle

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  • 3 Gears adjustable anti-slip, ear protector special for Reducing the pain and pressure of long time wearing in the ear.

  • Easy to Wear unlimited reuse, fits perfectly to your head, adjustable hook belt, tasteless, long life.
  • This face mask hook is made of durable PP flexible material that can be repeatedly washed.
  • Suitable for most ear-hanging masks.

  • Adjustable belt design that you can adjust the length according to your need fits to your head perfectly

  • Anti-slip spot on the band to keep it it stable and not move around

  • Effectively reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask in the ear for a long time

  • Suitable for most of people and all kinds of masks

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4pcs Mask Ear Grips Extension Hooks