Replacement Remote Control RM-L1165 For Sony LCD LED TV Bravia RM-YD102 RM-YD103

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Replacement (non-original) remote control for your home electronics. Made from good quality materials and fully compatible with original remote control . All functions works correctly.


Features :

  • This universal remote control for LED/LCD TV is the lastest product, easy to operate and use, can directly replace the orginal remote control which you lost or damaged, it will work as well as the orginals. 100% Brand new and high quality. 
  • No programming or setup required.
Compatible models:
RM-1028 RM-827C RM-857 RM-891 RM-991 RM-W103 RM-Y916 RM-2092 RM-827S RM-857/A
RM-2918 RM-827T RM-858 RM-916 RM-EA002 RM-W109 RM-YD017 RM-656A RM-830 RM-859
RM-921 RM-EA006 RM-Y101 RM-YD018 RM-677 RM-831 RM-861 RM-933 RM-ED007 RM-Y1109
RM-YD021 RM-677/C RM-832 RM-862 RM-936 RM-ED009 RM-Y116 RM-YD025 RM-677C RM-833
RM-869 RM-938 RM-ED011 RM-Y116 RM-YD026 RM-681 RM-834 RM-870 RM-940 RM-ED011W
RM-YD035 RM-Y135A RM-YD028 RM-687 RM-836 RM-870 RM-943 RM-ED012 RM-Y136 RM-687/C
RM-837 RM-871 RM-945 RM-ED013 RM-Y139 RM-Z5401 RM-687C RM-838 RM-871 RM-946
RM-ED014 RM-Y145 WM-W112 RM-768 RM-839 RM-873 RM-952 RM-ED033 RM-Y145A RM-ED017
RM-791 RM-841 RM-873 RM-953 RM-GA002 RM-Y146A RM-ED018 RM-816 RM-842 RM-878
RM-954 RM-GA005 RM-Y167 RM-ED022 RM-817 RM-845P RM-878 RM-955 RM-GA008 RM-Y169
RM-EA002 RM-821 RM-845P/S RM-881 RM-956 RM-GA009 RM-Y172 RM-EA006 RM-821 RM-845S
RM-883 RM-961 RM-GA019 RM-Y173 RMT-V153A RM-826 RM-849S RM-887 RM-963 RM-SA007
RM-Y181 RMT-V153C RM-827B RM-849S/T RM-889 RM-969 RM-W101 RM-Y183 RM-W100 RM-827B/C
RM-849T RM-890 RM-972 RM-W102 RM-Y194 RM-W101 RM-W102 RM-W103 RM-W104 RM-W105
RM-W109 RM-W112 RM-Y1109 RM-Y135A RM-Y916 RM-YA001 RM-YA006 RM-YA021 RM-YD005 RM-YD017
RM-YD025 RM-YD026 RM-YD028 RM-892 RM-992 RM-W104 RM-YA006 RM-2910 RM-827S/T RM-857A
RM-893 RM-993 RM-W105 RM-YD005