Silver Ring Sizer Size Gauge Tool Finger Measuring Stick Metal Ring Mandrel Set

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- 100% Brand New High Quality
- 3IN1 Port Ring Ring Measurement Tool Set
- Color: As shown in the picture.
- Material: Alloy Steel.
- Size: 250mm.
- Weigh: 0.465kg.
- Lightweight, portable, and high quality product.
- This ring circles is smooth, no ridges and they can slid off like a real ring.
- Perfect for fitting wedding rings, class rings and other wide rings.
- Thanks to the ring sizer set, you can easily find out what your perfect ring size is without fit the original rings, which will save you a lot of time and work.
- Jewelry Making Tools Kit is all essential tools you need, specially designed for wire working, craft wire, wire wrapping and wire jewelry, whether you are a beginner or a professional.
- Australia Stock!
- 1 x Jewelers Rubber Hammer
- 1 x Ring Mandrel Sizer
- 27 x Circle Models