100 pcs PREMIUM QUALITY REED DIFFUSER REEDS rattan sticks 3mm 260mm

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Our rattan reeds are great for indoor use in your bathroom, toilet, rooms, closet, linen cupboard, smaller spaces and other places (e.g. car) to keep them smelling fresh!
Choose from 2 colours !
  • Reed diffusers offer an attractive alternative to scented candles in situations where an open flame is not desired or permitted. The reeds soak up the diffuser oil and disperse the subtle scent into the surrounding air. Our reeds are perfect for your reed diffuser/decorative aromatic air freshener to keep home, work and other environments smelling great.
  • We stock premium quality diffuser sticks for use in diffuser oils and can supply natural, black or coloured in various sizes.
  • With hundreds of holes, our natural sticks allow for fragranced reed base to be easily wicked up and dispersed into the air.
  • The natural colour reeds have not been bleached or dyed, and are therefore the most natural in appearance. The coloured reeds will give a more dramatic effect, however the dye colour will transfer to reed base, so please consider that with the coloured sticks you may get some discolouration of your oil.
  • Important Information
  • Use the dropdown menu of the 'Colour & Size' option/variation to see the available types!
  • The product photos are for illustration only. The actual colour of the reeds may vary from batch to batch. Please consider this.
Directions on how to use a reed diffuser, refill and reeds
  • Remove the wood top or similar from your reed diffuser jar.
  • Carefully remove the lid from the refill bottle and pour the desired amount into your jar.
  • Place the wood top, etc. back onto your jar.
  • Put the reed sticks included in your pack into the jar.
  • Let the sticks absorb the oil, then flip them so that the saturated ends face upwards and the dry ends are submerged in the oil in the bottle.
  • Use caution when flipping the sticks. It is advised to use a paper towel for handling.
  • Before positioning your diffuser to its place, wipe the bottom of the bottle clean to avoid any damage to the surface. To avoid accidental unwanted marks on your surfaces and tables, we recommend placing your diffuser on a glass/ceramic tray, plate or coaster.
  • Place your diffuser in an area with good air circulation or near the door, alternatively in enclosed spaces. It could be used indoors in your bathroom, toilet, room, wardrobe, linen cupboard, car, smaller spaces at home or work. The fragrance will evaporate into the air.
  • Use caution when handling the diffuser.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with high temperatures.
  • By flipping the reeds you can control the intensity of the scent. For more fragrance, flip the sticks more often. The oil will evaporate faster.
  • If you find the fragrance to be too strong for your space, you can remove a few reeds and store them for future use. Less reeds produce less scent.
  • The setup is now complete. Enjoy!
Handling and safety information on care and use of oils
  • Do not swallow/ingest.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not use on skin - irritation may occur.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Care should be taken not to spill the liquid on any surface. Do not allow liquid to come into contact with textiles or finished surfaces. It may damage some surfaces if it comes into prolonged contact. If spillage occurs, wipe away residues and spills immediately with a damp cloth.
  • Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces. Do not spill on painted or porous surfaces.
  • Do not light the liquid.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat and open flame. Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Please note: The accessories and decorations in the pictures are not included in the sale, unless specified otherwise. The colour may slightly differ from the one shown in the photo. The photos speak for themselves, however in some cases the actual colour of the product can be different from the one shown in the picture due to the setting of your computer display’s appearance or camera lighting & quality.
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