Rat Mice Mouse Rodent Poison Boxes Pest Control Bait Station Box Trap Key

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Package Included:
1 x Rodent Bait Block Station Box
1 x Key
Product name: Rat Mouse Mice Rodent Bait Block Station Box Trap & Key for Home Warehouse Hotel
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Size: 22*18*10cm/8.7*7.1*3.9inch
Hole diameter: 6cm/2.4inch
Scope: Suitable for homes, hotels, factories, warehouses, food plants
The lock bait box uses a new PP plastic, humanized design, with a built-in poison bait tank with a lock bait box, the wax block bait can be stringed on the wire to prevent moisture and increase the efficacy. A poison bait box is used to prevent human and animal exposure to rodent control drugs. Protect the environment to some extent. Applicable places for lock bait boxes: factories, farms, food factories, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, residential properties, hospitals and other places.
The role of the bait box:
 1. High rate of stealing: Because the bait box is concealed, the rodent has a strong sense of security when stealing food, and the target is good when information is transmitted, so the rate of stealing is high.
 2. The long effect period: the bait box has the function of rainproof and moisture proof. In rainy days, especially in the rainy season, the bait is not easy to be damp and mildewed, and the rodent has many times of stealing food and long time. Therefore, the bait has a long period of efficacy, not only can Improve the rodent control effect and save the cost of bait.
 3. Good safety: Since the poisonous rat bait is placed in the tube of the bait station, the livestock and poultry in front of the house will not go to eat, and the children can avoid eating, so the safety is better.
 4. Less pollution: open bait, easy to cause rodent drugs on the soil and water pollution, bait box can overcome this drawback, with pollution-free and environmentally friendly functions.
Rodent bait box product features:
1. The style is novel and beautiful. Suitable for high-end service places such as food processing plants and food warehouses.
2. High-quality engineering plastics manufacturing, high strength, good toughness and long service life.
3. Anti-lost, the outer frame has a fixed hole for easy installation.
4. Built-in bait box, easy to put in and replace the bait, the lid has the door self-locking device.
5. There are holes on both sides, the interior is dark, suitable for the habits of mice, and induces rats to invade.
6. Unique rain-proof design ensures that the rat poison is not easy to be moist and mildewed.
7. The medication is safe and can prevent pets, poultry, etc. from eating.
8. The poison bait does not touch the ground and has no pollution to the environment.
9. It is convenient to check and master the consumption dynamics of rodenticides, scientifically and economically.
Mouse bait station use method:
Place 8-15M outdoors as a placement point. 1-2 placement points per 15m2