360° Rotation Adjustable Metal Phone Holder Tablet Stand For Smart Phone AU

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1. Strong support, the bottom is solid core aluminum alloy, the screws at both ends are tightly locked in the middle fixed ring + nylon gasket, the internal derivation of strong upward reaction force, stable center of gravity.
2. Aluminum alloy + silicone material, all aluminum alloy material, finish grinding, surface sandblasting, high temperature oxidation process, no fading, scratch resistance. The groove, the bottom and the panel are added with anti-skid silicone pad to increase friction and stabilize the skid resistance.
3. Adjustable angle, double shaft mechanism design.
4. 360° Rotation, can be easily rotated to any direction.
5. Foldable storage, foldable design, easy to put into the bag, convenient.
6. Reserve charging socket, you can play while charging.
7. The depth of the groove is matched with the frame of the mobile phone,which not only prevents sliding, but also does not block the subtitles.It is comfortable to watch the drama.
Suitable equipment: Mobile phones / tablet
Applicable scenario: desktop
Color: silver
Weight: 0.13kg
Material: aluminum alloy + silicone
Package Included:
1/2*aluminum alloy holder stand