Gravity Car Phone Holder Air Vent Mount 360° Stand Cradle GPS For Mobile Phone

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Item Description:

  • This is a new design gravity car air vent phone holder which is made for phones carrying out duties.
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Gravicy phone holder (Colour as per selection)
*The slot size of the phone holder is limited at 1.6cm, which means the totaly thickness of your device including the case should not exceed that size. Please consider it if you have a very thick / big lifeproof case. 
**Please be advised that this phone holder might not be suitable for phones which is too big/heavy/with oversized case . Please check our product size dimension carefully and feel free to inquire us BEFORE placing the order. 
*The phone holder does have the limitation. Please kindly check with us if your device is too big / heave (especially Plus +, Max,  Note, Pad, Tablet or equivalent version) before placing the order.