USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar/ Leash Glow Light Up Night Safety Pet Collars Red

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No need to worry about losing your dog in a crowded garden or park again! This Mighty Pet Rechargeable Small-Size LED Mesh Reflective Collar in Red comes integrated with an LED strip covered with a mesh fabric. This pet collar can light up in the dark and keep your dog visible and safe at night when you’re walking in low light conditions.
The reflective collar also makes your pet stand out easily in a crowd with its illuminating design. It comes integrated with three light modes and is easy to recharge via USB. The dog collar boasts a strong snap buckle to easily put it on or take off your dog’s neck. Hence, it’s an easy-to-use accessory for your adorable pet.
This illuminating dog collar features a soft mesh fabric, which is comfortable for your dogs to wear on their necks. There is also a small button at the side of the battery case to change the flash modes for different light modes. The pet collar is splashproof, which means it allows you to walk your pet during a drizzle.
Key Features:
Pet collar boasts reflective LED light
Boasts three different light modes
Pet collar is USB chargeable for more convenience
Splashproof pet collar lets you walk your dog in the drizzle comes with a strong snap buckle that’s easy to put on and take off
Specification & Packages:
  • S:2.5x28-46cm
  • L:2.5x46-64cm
  • XL: 2.5x120cm