3x Squeaky Pet Vinyl Chew Toys Dog Puppy Training Interactive Tug O War Toy

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1. Rope toys can help your pt grind your teeth, effectively clean your dog's teeth, reduce dental stones and other diseases, keep your mouth fresh and one of the pet's favorite toys.

2. It is made of colored rope and is especially suitable for the owners and pets. The special rope can help the healthy development of the pet's teeth and gums.

3. This product bit wear resistance, and can be time consuming, is one of the best toys for your dog molar, at the same time don't have to worry about the destructive force of the dog more when the molar, use it to draw attention to the dog, shoes, socks, bed sheet no bitten by the dog.

Package Includes :
1x Squeaky Burger

1x ball

1x Rope