Acrylic Automatic Parrot Feeder No Mess Bird Cage Seed Feeding Container Box

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High quality Heavy duty acrylic boards molding in one no need to install for you as it is ready made. Please measure your feeder door to insure that the Tidy Seed Bird Feeder will fit appropriately for outside the bird cage use.
THE BEST GIFTS FOR BIRDS: This crystal-clear acrylic feeder is expressly designed for birds .Available in a variety of sizes for all birds.
This feeder does away with scattered seeds and hulls. Some feeders have claimed "no scatter"-this one actually works. You bird enters and eats, leaving hulls and uneaten seed behind in the trough!
Material: Acrylic
Size: about 13*13*11cm
Thickness: 3mm
Type: No Mess Feeder
Model:Bird Feeder Acrylic
Bird Size: Small Birds, Medium Birds, Large Birds
Package Include:
1 x Bird Feeder Acrylic Automatic Parrot Feeder No Mess Feeding Food Container