Kitchen Roll Paper Holder Toilet Tissue Hanger Towel Storage Rack Wall Mount

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This item is fairly useful for holding tissue and cellphone. Tissue holder with shelf two in one design. Compare to traditional toilet paper, this tissue rack is stronger and durability. Suitable for regular size paper rolls, never afraid your mobile phone falling into the toilet when waiting your calls.

- Color: Silver.
- Material: Space Aluminum.
- Size: 33 x 12.5 x 11.5 cm.
- Constructed with space aluminum, ensuring beauty, quality,durability and dependability.
- With mobile phone shelf design, can hold phone, iPad, tissue or bottle.
- Well made with nice surface finish which is anodize oxidation.
- All edges are very smooth and tooled excellent, suitable for regular size paper rolls.
- Ideal for home use, or the bathroom of hotel, restaurant or club.

Packing Included
1 x Tissue Holder