100W Car Engine Oil Transfer Extractor Pump Fluid Diesel Electric Siphon DC 12V

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Product description:

This machine can make bubble easily and quickly. It's portable and lightweight, easy to carry. Low power coWith With this Oil / Diesel Extractor Pump, you only need to keep two things in mind: the old oil comes out and the fresh oil goes in. No need to worry about seized-up sump plugs, misaligned oil trays and rivers of black muck running off in every direction. The pump keeps it clean and simple.

Professional Oil Extractor Pump to Get the Oil on Easy Servicing
• Powful,Lluxurious,Efficient-100W super large power for quick and convenient operation
• Lightweight and Portable-compact size for easy storage anywhere and transport
• Simple Connection-two battery clamps directly attached to battery source,and no need specialised tools
• Clean and Fast-two clear thicker and flexible hoses can keep looking at the fluid extraction process
• Trouble Saving-extraction process can be done by one person without any effort

Recommended for:
• Suitable for cars, motorcycles, boats work with diesel or engine oil
• Fits to use with diesel, engine oil

* Do NOT use with water, gearbox-oil, high flammable liquids (such as petrol, fuel etc.)
* Do NOT pump fluid with the engine running.
* The pump should not be used for more than 30 minutes.

Product Features:

- Theory: Gear Pump
- Voltage: 12V
- Rated Power: 100W
- Loading Current: 5A
- Flow: 1-4L/min
- Work Cycle: 120cm approx.
- No-loading Current: 2.5A
- Inlet Hose (ca.) 0.8cm x 100cm (D x L)
- Outlet Hose (ca.) 1cm x 100cm (D x L)

Pacakge Includes:

1 x Oil / Diesel Extractor Pump
1 x Outlet Hose
1 x Inlet Hose
2 x Battery Clamps
1 x User Manual