Oil Catch Can Breather Universal Baffled Diesel Reservoir Tank Petrol Filter

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  • Made by aluminum, light weight, long lasting.
  • Breather system.
  • Internal baffle DUAL chamber filter Catch.
  • Oil Catch can catches the oil and moisture in the blow-by gas that causes carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and the engine.
  • All oil steam expelled by your turbo charged motor before it can harm your cars performance.
  • Keeps the engine clean even under hard driving conditions.
  • The catch can will keep out the Dirt And Oil Get Inside Your Engine from your intake system.
  • Increases horsepower and Prolongs your engine life Includes Hoses, Clamps and Mount bracket.


  • Material: T-6061 Light Weight Aluminum
  • Applicable models: GM
  • Diameter: 68mm / 2.68inches
  • Body Height: 113mm / 4.45 inches
  • Inlet Size: 9mm & 15mm
  • Outlet Size: 9mm & 15mm
  • Capacity: 0.3 Litre