Water Jerry Can 10L White Plastic Food Grade Camping

Water Jerry Can 10L White Plastic Food Grade Camping

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Ideal for camping, outdoors or as a temporary water storage solution where drinking water is not accessible. It features an integrated handle for easy lifting and an ergonomic swivel tap that can be moved out of the way when transporting. This jerry can comes with a large easy to remove cap for filling from a tap or hose. The unit can stand upright to take up less space or you can lie it on the long side and tip it forward for pouring, the large radius corners and textured finish make it very easy to tip to get the last drop.  It is made from food grade polyethylene making it safe for drinking water. This product is not suitable for fuel.

• Integrated ergonomic handle

• Built in tap

• Removable cap for filling via tap

• Safe for drinking

• 10L Capacity
Length : 310mm
Width : 210mm
Liquid Volume : 10ml
Height : 220mm
Weight : 500g
Package Includes
1 x 10L Water Jerry Can