Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Fly Trap Insect Bug Zapper Catcher UV Mozzie

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1.1200mAh battery capacity, can be used for charging, and can be placed anywhere, anytime, free from the shackles of the power cord, and can last for 4 hours for a long time.
2. Type-c charging design
3. Does the UV lamp accurately tempt mosquitoes, imitating human body temperature.
4.30m³ mosquito-free space, 5 395nm ultraviolet light wave LED lamp beads are scientifically arranged, the light-emitting area is larger, and the scope of attracting mosquitoes is wider.


Type: Mosquito Killer

Material: ABS

Color: Blakc

Size: 180X50X250MM


Package Included:

1xMosquito Killer