Fishing Rod Holders Boat Mount Rack Kayak Adjustable Side Tackle Black Marine

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Product Details:
  • This rod holder has 3 mounting options.
  • It can be surface mounted or side mounted or rail mounted.
  • With 12 rest positions and 360° rotation and with fully adjustable rod angle this rod holder is designed to maximize your fishing experience.
  • Fitted with a rod swivel lock for keeping your fishing rod safe while trolling.
  • Made from UV resistant polypropylene plastic (PP).
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  • Rod holder tube length: 242mm
  • Rod holder tube inner diameter: 36mm
  • Mounting base size: 98mm L x 48mm W
  • Colour: Black

Recommended For:
  • Fishing Boat
  • Charter Boat
  • Kayak

Package Included:

1x Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder