Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder Dashboard Hands-Free Mobile GPS Mount Stand

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  • Super thin ( 7mm) with strong suction, keeps your device safe!
  • Four powerful, Built-in magnets, holds your phone securely while driving,
  • sudden braking and bumpy roads.
  • Keeps your hands free for driving safe!
  • The slim magnet can either be inserted between device and protective cover,
  • battery and back cover or glued onto the rear of the device you want to attach.
  • Rubber Grip on Magnetic Surface Offers Extra Protection.
  • Suitable for car dashboard and other smooth surfaces
  • Phone size is not limited - convenient and practical.
    1. Open the Package and Take out the Contents. There is One Magnetic Holder, One Metal Plate with a Sticker and One 3M Sticker
    2. Peel off the Sticker from the Metal Plate and Stick it to onto the Cellphone and Apply Pressure for 60 seconds .
    3. Then Peel off the Sticker from the 3M Sticker and Place it on Back of the Magnetic Holder and Apply the Pressure for 60 Seconds. 
    4. Then Peel off the other Side of the 3M Stickers, Stick it onto the Location Where 
        you Want to put the Magnetic Holder.
    5. After Mounting, Do not Use it for a Few Hours to Allow the Adhesive to Set Firmly. 
        Do not use any Additional Adhesive.
    6.The Magnetic Holder is Ready for Use Now!


  • Size: 3.3cm*0.7cm(Diameter*Thickness)
  • Net Weight: 25g


  • 3x Magnetic Car Mount Holder
  • 3x 3M Sticker