LED Star Projector Galaxy Starry Night Lamp Night Light Ocean Wave Projector KC

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Input voltage: 5V
Product power: LED + laser red and green
Power supply: USB cable power supply
Music mode: Bluetooth/TF card
Remote control instructions: wireless remote control battery. (The keys are more sensitive and easier to use)
The TF card or Bluetooth can be inserted into the lamp body to play music, the brightness can be interrupted, the music volume can be changed, up and down, pause, Bluetooth off/on, switch, USB Android data cable power supply.

32 lighting modes and adjustable brightness:
Upgrade laser projector: The laser starry sky projector has a voice-controlled blinking function. As long as there is music or clapping, the lights will flash in accordance with the rhythm of the music, forming a starry sky projection
Bluetooth speaker: You can listen to music via Bluetooth or USB
Control remote control and timer function: You can operate not only through the buttons on the light, but also through the remote control, which is very convenient for children and adults, you can set all functions
Multiple projection effects: This lamp projects the starry sky with colorful spots on the walls and ceiling of the children's room, which can realize the feeling of physical and mental relaxation, and is conducive to falling asleep at night. It can also stimulate children's imagination, thus allowing them to relax.

Package Included:
Light body + remote control + USB Android data cable + manual