LED Solar Flood Street Light Remote Outdoor Garden Security Wall Lamp Waterproof

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  • Super Bright: Super bright, high-quality and low loss lamp beads support long-term continuous lighting and are suitable for installation in various places, such as parking lots, courtyards, roads, stadiums, basketball courts, swimming pools, trees, etc.
  •  Dusk to Dawn Solar Charging: It has the function of intelligent charging. Under the condition of sufficient sunshine, the charging time is 8-10 hours. And the light can be on for 48-72 hours in rainy weather.
  • Remote Control: This solar powered light is controlled by remote control, can set the time or adjust the brightness. There are corresponding indicator lights on the lamp body to represent the working mode state of the lamp.
  • Easy Installation: 2 ways of installation, one is hanging, one is fixed with screws. What's more, there is a cable that extends 3 meters to connect the solar panel to the floodlight.