20X Child Kids Baby Safety Lock For Door Drawers Cupboard Cabinet Adhesive

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Protect baby from unexpected danger of opening cabinet door
Ideal for drawers, cupboards and appliances in the kitchen as well as your cabinets, medical drawer, toilet etc.
Prevent your child from opening cupboard doors and getting hold of dangerous items
Simply peel off the sponge rubber on each end and stick to place you wish to lock.
Main Features:
Use locking strap to help secure doors and covers of cabinets, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, and toilets from you little one. Locking strap has a release mechanism that takes more strength and skills than what a toddler has, yet easy enough for adult to open. No drilling requires and adhesive tape will not damage appliance and furniture.
Belt style locks are more flexible and durable.
  • Quickly secure cupboards and drawers.
  • Lock is fitted with adhesive pads, can be removed when no longer needed.
  • Simply peel off the sponge rubber on each end and stick to the necessary surface.
  • Make sure to wipe the surface you want to stick it to before attaching the lock.
  • Best results if left for 24 hours before first use the strength of it.
Details Features
  • Hasp lock - easy for adults to use, children can't open it
  • 3M strong adhesive pads - can stick to all surfaces
  • Strong woven belt - more flexible and durable and can applicate to any place around the corner, and in use process will not scratch furniture Leaves no mark when removed
  • 21cm total length - can applicate to some large household appliances, such as fridge, cupboard, cabinet and more.
  • Non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, safe and environmentally friendly, harmless, for infant use
How to use?
  • Clean
  • Use Viscose
  • Press 5 Seconds
  • Open Cover After 24 Hours
  • 20 X Baby Safety Locks