Rechargeable T6 LED Bicycle Bike Lights USB Front Rear Headlight Tail Light Set

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Comes with both a headlight and a tail light making your bicycle stand out, instantly improve your visibility & safety with our Ultra Bright LED bike lights.

Can be used as an emergency flashlight, keep it inside your car, basement, attic, and emergency kit.
Use it when you're running, jogging, hiking, camping, walking your dog, cycling, changing a tire, night time family/kids activities, power outage and MORE!

Features One Touch Quick Release Bracket, press and slide the light out without removing the whole mounting bracket, mount and detach in just seconds without tools!

Water resistant rated to IPX5 - Protected against splashing water from any angle.

Irradiation distance: 300-500 meters
Bracket: 360 degree rotation
Charge indication: the LED is red when charging, turn green when fully charged.
Chaging Input: 5V/1A
3 Lighting Modes: High/Low/Strobe
Battery Capacity: Build-in rechargeable 2400mAh Battery.
Working voltage: 3.7V
Light color: White/7500K
Charging time: 4 hours
Continuous working time: 5-10 hours

Light color: Red
Continuous working time: 100 Hours (1200 mAH)
5 Switch Modes: Strong/Marquee 1/Flash/Marquee 2/Breathing
Battery Capacity: Build-in rechargeable 1200mAh Battery.

Package includes:
1 x 1000LM T6 LED Bike Headlight
1 x USB Rechargeable Taillight
1 x Holder
2 x Anti-slip mats
2 x USB cable (0.5m)
2 x Instructions