Crimping Tool Cable Crimper Wire Plug Pliers Battery Terminal Lug Hex 6-50mm²

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  • 💡 [Rotate Crimp Dies] - The professional cable terminal crimping tool has rotate crimp dies specially designed for copper lugs AWG 6-50mm² 
  • Precise crimping molds cut by EDM process with complete self-locking and releasing mechanism ensure a tighter crimp.
  • 💡 [CRV Cable Cutter] - Made of hardened chrome vanadium steel, its durable and sharp beveled blade cuts through copper or aluminum wire up to 50mm². Not for use on steel or ACSR type cable. The wire cutter can also be used to remove the insulation from cables
  • 💡 [Efficient & Comfortable] - Long handle with dual-color anti-slip rubber material creates a more labor-saving lever distance, making crimping work more efficient and comfortable.
  • 💡 [Wide Applications] - Ideal for marine, automotive,distribution box, golf carts, solar panels, home, circuit maintenance, car battery installation, emergency vehicles, generator sets (Gensets), recreational vehicles, trucks, cranes, lifting equipment and more.

Material: High-carbon steel crimping dies + rubber handle housing
Main Color: Blue
Applicable Range: 6-50mm²
Hexagonal Head Rotating Dies Size: 6mm², 10mm², 16mm², 25mm², 35mm², 50mm²
Length: 39cm/15.35''
Width: 7.9cm/3.1''
Item Quantity: 1 pcs
Weight: about 1.5kg
Application: Non-insulated terminal (Hexagonal Type)
1x crimper