Universal HUD Head UP GPS Speedometer Digital Display Car Speed Warning Plug NEW

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Our HUD Head UP GPS Speedometer is specially designed for drivers, Easy to use, just connect the device to the USB cable, Plug it into the car USB port. If there is no USB port on the car, then buy a car adaptor.

Driving time and mileage calculation and display
Over-speed alarm setting
Fatigue alarm setting
Altitude display
Large-sized screen
Easy Setup--Plug & Play- Power through vehicle cigarette lighter.
No professional installation is required.
Compatible with all Cars & Trucks, Use GPS signal guided calculation. No wiring needed to the VSS (vehicle speed signal).
Display MPH or KM/H
Auto adjust brightness through sensor for Day & Night driving
Green color speed display, easy on your eye
Total mileage display after car stops

Material: ABS + PC
GPS Positioning Time: 1 to 5 minutes in the open air (The bad weather will affect the positioning time). There is No GPS signals indoors.
Speed Deviation: Since the speed data comes from the GPS satellite, slight deviation is unavoidable.
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Input Current: DC 50-120mA Power bank for power supply is supported.
Working Temperature: -30 to 70 degree
Data Deviation: ±2%
Size: 105 x 16 x 60MM
USB Cable Length: 2M
All driving data will be cleared when power off except the total mileage.






Plug & Play - The HUD projects the real and instance speed with GPS satellite. Power through vehicle cigarette lighter, No professional installation is required. No wiring needed to the VSS (vehicle speed signal) Compatible with all cars & trucks & bicycle, motorcycle (For bicycle and motorcycle need connect with power bank, to power for HUD).



Safe Alarm - Over-speed Alarm and fatigue driving alarm to ensure your safe trip. Default setting is 120KM/H or 120MPH. Just need press the “up” or “down” to adjust it. When over-speed alarm is active, it will beep in 3 times to alert the car driver. If no need over speed alert, adjust it to a impossible speed/ preset fatigue driving time eg: 999MPH.



Green Light & Big Number Display - Using the same technique as flight dashboard. Green light will let the driver more comfortable and protect the driver eyes, Specially for long distance driving. Auto adjust brightness through sensor for Day & Night driving.



Key Information Display - Head-up display, Display MPH or KMH, Altitude, Driving time and distance calculate and display, total driving time and distance display to let you know the key information for your trip.



Non-skidding - With a rotatable holder & strong sticker stand, can fix HUD on your car console or windshield, prevent the HUD from sliding.


Package Content

1 x HUD GPS Speedometer
1 x USB Cable
1 x Nonslip Holder Stand
1 x Car Charger
1 x Rubber Band for Bicycle
1 x User Manual