31x Honeycomb Foundation Hive Wax Frames Waxing Beekeeping Mesh Hat Equipment

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  • 🐝Pure natural beeswax material,excellent beehive foundation, made of high quality material for lasting use ,greatly help bees nest fast and high yield, recommended by bee farmers.
  • 🐝Also ideal for candle-making, crafts, modeling, bowstring waxing, sealing bottles and jars or just for plain decorating.
  • 🐝Naturally sweet, mild aroma and golden yellow color, uniform nest size, and moderate softness and hardness
Size: 415mm* 195mm (bee hive frame),  250x430mm (mesh hat)
Material: Wax (bee hive frame), polyester (mesh hat)
Colour: Yellow/Green
30 x Bee Frame  Sheet
1x Mesh Hat