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Hand Warmer Introduction

Body hand warmer used Japanese Advanced Technology. It is thin and soft. After open the bag, it can give out heat at once. The highest temperature it can achieve is 65 degrees centigradeand its average heat is about 53 degrees centigrade.It can continually give out heat for 5 hours. it can keep your body warm all the time.



Product Name : Hand Warmer /Packet Warmer

Size : 5.5*9cm x 6.5*9cm or customized

Weight : 25g/piece

Heating time : hours

Heating source : Iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt, water, etc.

Style : One side adhesive/two side non-woven fabric

Usage : Warm neck, stomach, waist, belly, arm, leg, etc

Avg. Temp. : 55°C

Max. Temp. : 68°C

Type : Air activated, disposable

Properties : Health Care Product

Expire Date : 3 years


 Hand Warmer Working Theory
1. The ingredient layer can give off heat continuous with the help of Oxygen .
2. If the body feels cold then the organism can not get the nutritions and even can not discharge the rubbish of body and this result the pain of body . The heat produced by the pad can prompt the circumstance of blood which can help reduce the pain of body 


Hand Warmer Function

1. Supply warm for human body and hand in winter,can be attached to the low back,belly, shoulder or any where warm need

2. Relief uncomfortable caused by menstrual for women
3. Relief the pain caused by arthritis,rheumatism,stomach trouble,cervical vertebratrouble and strain of muscles.
4. It’s very convenient to use and safe, it is the best choice for you to defend cold.


Hand Warmer Feature

1. More than 8hours above 50°C
2. Accept customized size/weight
3. 3layer micro-breathable film, heating temperature more balancing.
4. Secondary reduction iron powder, nutshell charcoal to make sure long heating time
5. 3layer aluminum foil bags to insure long expire time
6. 10 set of advanced producing assembly line, daily productivity is more than 300,000pieces. 


How To Use The Hand Warmer?
Step 1. pull apart the vacuum packing

Step 2. bring out the warmmer pad, pull apart the paper on the adhesive layer
Step 3. stick the adhesive layer onto your OUTSIDE of your underclothes NEVER USE IT DIRECTLY ON YOUR SKIN !
Step 4. after your using it, just remove it.



Package Included :

20Pcs  (10 pair) Hand Warmer