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  • Strengthen your abdominal, chest, shoulder and back muscles in the comfort of your home with the innovative design of AB Roller.
  • The Ab Roller is a simple abdominal workout machine that gives you the same gym quality ab crunching workout in a small, simple and compact design.
  • The Ab Roller lets the user “rock” their way to slimmer abs with a simple rocking motion.
  • And although getting an effective workout is important, so is being safe and comfortable.
  • And by simply repositioning your arms and legs as you use the Ab Roller,you can target your upper and lower abs,as well as your oblique muscles.
  • Featuring padded neck and back support – as well as curved arms to protect your elbows – the Ab Roller is an easy and cost effective way to begin your abdominal exercise routine.
* Targets your upper and lower abs
* Eliminates neck and back strain
* Easy to assemble, use and store
* Great way to begin your abdominal exercise regiment
* Built in cushioned headrest
  • Includes Head Support
  • Correct alignment thus achieving maximum benefit from your workout
  • Effectively flatten your Stomach and Sculpt your Mid-Section
  • Quick to assemble plus no tools needed
  • Compact design for exercise at work, office and home
  • Features a cushioned headrest for support and foam grip Handles
  • Made of durable material for long time use and easy to clean
  • Maximum User: 120 kg
  • Suitable Height: 158-186cm
  • Quick Installation
  • Give yourself abs that make heads turn with the AB Roller.
  • It comes with an option of easy installation to make your gym time more productive.
  • Compact and Ergonomic Design
  • The AB Roller has been given an ergonomic design with an exceptional understanding of your body’s contours. Also, the roller being compact saves space and allows for easy storage after use.
  • Soft Neck Support and Foam Handles
  • The Roller Small has been incorporated with a soft neck support and foam handles to make your gym time easier on your palms and neck.