7 in 1 Magic Expandable Expanding Flexible Garden Hose

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  • High Expandable and Water Pressure:The expandable garden hose has the magical function of 3x automatic shrinkage. When opened,it expanded to 25 ft with water pressure, after turned off,the garden hose will automatically retract the original 8.3 ft
  • Durable and No Leaking:The inner of expandable water hose is made of 2-layer nature latex, self-locking connecting function for inner expandable hose without pressure, prevents the expanding hose from leaking or destroying.
  • 7 Spray Patterns and Self-locking Connection:The expandable garden hose sprayer with 7 modes of spray nozzle, rotating switch control the spray.The water hose has self-locking connection.It is also very safe in saving water.
  • High Flexibility - The expandable garden hose is flexible enough to water around the corners of your garden without splitting, and does not tangle, twist and kink.It is good for car cleaning, windows cleaning, floor cleaning, gardening, spraying, household hygiene, etc.
Colour: Green
Material:  Latex Tube
Length: 5m (original length)-15m (expended length)
Suitable Taps: 20mm&25mm
please read all of the important information below before using your garden hose.
1:Before using your garden hose place the rubber washer firmly inside the female coupling.This will prevent leaking.When using the garden hose for the first time.It is recommended to first fill and extend hose and slightly stretch hose to release tightness in outer folded material covering.Then release water and refill to use normally.
2:Attach the female end of the garden hose to the water source.
3:Attach the supplied on/off valve to the male end of the garden hose.
4:Turn the on/of valve to the OFF position.:Turn the water on at the source.Gradually increase the water pressure.The MAGIC garden hose will automatically expand up to 3 time its original length.
6:When the garden hose is fully expanded turn the on/off valve to the ON position.You can now use the garden hose like any ordinary hose.
7:when you are finished using the garden hose.turn the water OFF at the source spigot.
8:Allow the water in the garden hose to drain by turning the on/off valve to the ON position.If you are using a nozzle then open the nozzle.As the water begins drain..it will automatically contract back to its original length. 
1x Expandable Garden Hose