Fly Free Entertaining Chemical Free Fly Repellent Fly Fan Indoor Outdoor Home

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Our Chemical Free Fly Repellent is a perfect solution to dispel annoying flies. Flies are known to carry dangerous bacteria’s and even viruses. Partially covered or not covered food always falls prey to pathogen carrying flies. There is little or no solution to stop these flies from infecting our food. One might argue that we can always use chemical sprays around the house, but this solution has proven to be toxic for children, pets and even adults. Thanks to our product you do not need to worry about chemical toxics anymore. It consists of soft stop blades which rotate continuously to repel any incoming flies, perfectly safe to use it around children and pets. A portable and lightweight ensures all around safety of food. Battery operated and cord free, carry it anywhere you like. Place it near open food or drinks and forget the problem of flies. Next time when you have outdoor or any casual meal do not forget to take this with you. Enjoy a peaceful meal with friends and family. Can be used in kitchen, garden, living room or fruit shop. A unique essential product.
  • Natural bug deterrent
  • Soft stop blades
  • Quiet operation
  • Cord free design
  • Chemical free
  • Non-slip pads
  • Lightweight
  • Battery operated
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Battery: 2 x AA Battery (not included)
  • Dimension: 25.5cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • Colour: Rose Gold
  • 1 x Fly Repellent