Fly Free Entertaining Chemical Free Fly Repellent Fly Fan Outdoor Indoor Home

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-Finally, you can enjoy the conversation while eating outdoors, instead of swatting flies all the time.
-It's a light, odorless fan that you put on your outdoor or picnic table to prevent flies from dive and bombard your food.
-Don't let disgusting bugs crawl over your sweets!
-These small points refract/bend light, which frightens insects. In the brains of their flies, curved colored lights are abnormal in nature and seem dangerous to them.
-They always choose to go somewhere else.
-If something touches the blade, the blade stops and recovers immediately after the obstacle is cleared.

Material: ABS + PVC
Dimension: 25 x 9 x 9 cm
Power supply: 2 x AA battery (Not included).
Color: Black/ Silver

Products include:
1 x Fly-proof Fan