Electric Citrus Juicer USB Rechargeable Hands-Free Orange Lemon Fruit Squeezer

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1. Charging (Wireless) Squeeze Juice Anytime anywhere
2.140ML Electric Citrus Squeezer Portable
3. Easy to clean, use, and store: Save yourself time and effort. Simply unlock the lid to
disassemble the parts and wash the citrus press juicer with water using the included cleaning brush,
then wipe the main juicer engine with a wet cloth.

Important Notice:

1. The max of juice is printed on the cup body. When the juice reaches the max of the scale, please open the juice outlet.

2. Before use, please cut the fruit in half or smaller in advance to prevent the fruit from getting stuck.

3. Use it after fully charged, and don’t use it while charging. It takes 4-5 hours to charge, If the button is showing a red light, it means it needs to be charged. If show white light means fully charged and ready for use.



  • When you get the juicer, please fully charge it before use.
  • For safety, it cannot be used while charging.
  • Press and hold the switch 2 S to start the electric juicer, and press it again to start juicing.