HDMI-compatible Virtual Display Adapter 1.4 DDC EDID Dummy Plug Lock Graphics

HDMI-compatible Virtual Display Adapter 1.4 DDC EDID Dummy Plug Lock Graphics

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This kind of product belongs to the product that works 24 hours continuously and belongs to the consumable product.

1. When remotely controlling a computer, the screen resolution can be set very high, not the lowest resolution black screen state.
2. Make the graphics card work normally and heat dissipation normal when calculating scientifically.
3. Solve the problem of stopping mining without reason and the graphics card does not work.

1. It can simulate 4K resolution up to 3840*2160 resolution.
2. Small size, the latest chip, low power consumption, no heat.
3. Support Plug and Play, Hot Plug and Play.
4. Support all systems without driver.
5. VGA display virtualizer is mainly used for host with old VGA interface or DVI-I analog interface. And the highest resolution can only reach 1920*1080, far less advanced and easy to use than HDMI-compatible virtual display.

Product color: grey
Product Interface: HDMI-compatible Male Head
Support system: compatible with all WINDOWS systems, for LINUX for MAC

Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

HDMI-compatible virtual display default recommendation 1920*1080@60Hz, up to 4K(3840*2160)@60Hz, need HDMI2.0 support, namely RX460 and GTX1050 or more graphics card.
The main function of this product is to simulate a display, the main purposes are:

1. The screen resolution can be set very high when controlling the computer remotely, rather than the black screen state with the lowest resolution.

2. Let the video card work normally during scientific calculation and heat dissipation is normal.

3. Solve the problem that mining stops without reason and the graphics card does not work.

4. The low cost solution replaces the display and can be used as a test card.

The main advantages of HDMI-compatible virtual display:

1. The highest 4K resolution can be simulated, that is, 3840*2160 resolution.

2. Compact size, low power consumption, no heating.

3. Support plug and play, hot plug.

4. No driver, supporting the mainstream operating system in the market.


1 X Virtual HDMI-compatible Dummy Adapter