Silicone Ear plugs 25db Earplugs Sleeping Snore Shooting Work Noise Cancelling

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  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Reusable High-Fidelity Earplugs Protect your hearing letting you still hear everything without distorting the sound quality by reducing noise evenly, maintaining a full sound range.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: With the Hearing Protection Ear Plugs there is no full blockage of sounds like with the foam plug so it’s suitable for live music events, festivals, performances, concerts, etc.
  • COMFY: Gentle, no hard edges and precise triple-flange membrane design of the Sound Blocking earplugs does not cause itching or pressure pain and is being good for day use and ideal for sleeping.
  • REUSABLE & WASHABLE: Hearing Protection earplugs are good for everyday use and can be used multiple times - all you need to do to prolong their life is to wash them with warm water and air dry
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Premium Concert Earplugs are environmentally friendly, made of non-toxic, soft medical grade silicone material which makes them comfortable to wear for a long time and good for sleeping.
Material: Silicone
Colour: Green Blue
Size: Approx. 2.2cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm/0.8”x0.6”x0.6” 
SNR(Signal Noise Ratio):25db
1Pair X Silicone Ear Plug 
1/2 X Case